Architecture schooling [Canadian Construction]

Architecture schooling

Many aspects of life seem to rely heavily on names and titles given to them, and within the world of architecture and design, there is no lack of this trend. A hot button issue for many involved in interiors work revolves around what to call ourselves in the working world after schooling and training are over.

Interior design is a very suitable title. Professionals in this position are what the name implies: designers of interior spaces. They work in the field of understanding human and environmental relationships. Professor and IARc Department Chair Anna Marshall-Baker feels that limiting ourselves to interior design is not quite enough. For example, IARc is a program that strives to not only design for interior spaces, but to understand these spaces’ connection to the rest of the building in every aspect possible. Having a foundation of knowledge in so many areas of art and science allows one to design from a more informed position. Anna Marshall-Baker describes the IARc program: “Product design, architecture, and engineering; connected to the allied disciplines of interior design, art, theater, dance, film making, graphic design, fashion design, industrial design, and the design of materials; and interwoven with the human experience expressed in psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, history, and religion. The focus on the design and development of interior space depends upon knowledge of materials, finishes, furnishings, manufactured objects and products, buildings, context, human behavior, and human development. Instruction in these areas converges with general education requirements at UNCG to reinforce and expand the multidisciplinary nature of design.”

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