What it Takes to be an Architect? [Canadian Construction]

What it Takes to be an Architect?

Architecture is one of the broadest and unique professions. It is considered as the Mother of art and science, and it even dictates the history of human. It serves as an icon for a nation. It clearly expresses power, feelings, and emotions. It even affects the mood of people using the building. In short, architecture is an influential and a complicated profession which takes a lot of commitment, passion and desire to be a keyplayer. It takes guts to be an architect. The question is do you have what it takes to be an architect? What are the struggles you are going to face to be an architect? How complicated is the life of an architect?


Yes, one of the requirements to be an architect is that you must have the passion and a skill in drawing. On your freshmen years, you will do sketches, drafting and color renderings throughout the year. Even if we are now on a digital era where even drawings are computer generated, you have to do schematic drawings or present initial sketches while meeting with your clients and you are not a certified architect if you don’t know how to produce one.


You will need to face 5 years of sleepless nights- one of the drastic part of taking architecture. You will spend a week without sleep: doing plates and take home esquisses while battling with the requirements of other subjects (sometimes minor subjects assumed to be a major), computing for different mathematical formulas and the like. Imagine the torture. But it’s totally worth it.


Architecture is considered one of the most expensive courses. You will feel it during your freshmen years: you have to buy a set of Rotring/Staedtler technical pens (amounting almost Php 2, 000.00 per set), a T-Square, coloring materials, triangles, kurekolors, etc. And along the way, you have to spend for your case studies, set of A3 papers, 30x40 tracing papers, researches, and a lot more.

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