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CCAVoice of Canada’s construction industryBy: Mudeeha Yousaf

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The construction industry is in a constant state of flux as past common practices quickly become obsolete. These ongoing market fluctuations produce new opportunities and highlight Canada’s growing global resilience. Helping navigate the industry through these ebbs and flows is the Canadian Construction Association (CCA). The association represents more than 20, 000 members across Canada through its network of more than 69 local and regional partner associations, collectively working on behalf of the non-residential construction sector to improve standard documents, industry practices and the public policy environment across Canada.


The CCA was born in 1918 and with the goal to improve procurement and contractual practices across Canada. While these goals remain core to the association, CCA has also become very active in lobbying for important changes to federal public policy in support of industry priorities. “When government officials are seized with new policy development, we work alongside them to ensure that the industry’s views are taken into account and that adverse impacts resulting from the change in policy are minimized, ” says Pierre Boucher, Chief Operating Officer who has been with the CCA since 1988. “Often times the government will consult with us and we’re happy to oblige and provide the best information we have at our disposal.” Infrastructure funding, training, labour mobility, trades, immigration and sustainable development are just some issues the CCA is involved in.


As well, the CCA develops standard contract documents using The Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) – a national joint committee responsible for the development of standard Canadian construction contracts – as its guide. The association works with owners, consulting engineers, architects as well as contractors to develop unbiased contract forms so they are fair for all parties. “Whenever you sign a contract there’s a lot at risk, so you want contractual documents that are fair to all parties and will limit disputes in liability, ” says Boucher. Also issuing guides with the use of the forms to answer any and all inquiries, the documents are used for design-build, P3 or traditional lump sum projects and available to all members.

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