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Architecture at One Hundred

Architecture at One Hundred

The UW’s internationally-known architecture department enters its second century with bold designs on the future

By Deanna Duff

Thousands of people cross UW’s Red Square on their way to classes, meetings or for an afternoon stroll. They sprint or saunter, but are they conscious of the bricks beneath their feet or the buildings that frame their journey? “Architects speak to society.classroom We use space and materials to create a sense of history combined with the present and possible visions for the future, ” says David McKinley, ’53, co-architect of Red Square. “We’re interpreters for who people are and what they might become.”

UW architecture has been designing dreams for a century. The program welcomed its first class of a dozen students in 1914. Now named the College of Built Environments (CBE), more than 250 graduated in summer 2014. CBE consists of four departments—architecture, construction management, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, as well as the Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies. Students also enjoy expansive study-abroad opportunities and hands-on learning through the Furniture, Storefront and Neighborhood Design/Build Studios.

Northwest ModernismGraduates have made their mark on skylines around the globe, including the enduring legacy of New York’s World Trade Center by Minoru Yamasaki, ’34. The most indelible influence, however, is University of Washington architecture’s shaping of Northwest soul and style. A family visit to the Pacific Science Center’s arches or Seattle Aquarium, a romantic dinner at Canlis restaurant or concert at KeyArena: they all happen within the framework of UW creativity.

D. Wayne GittingerA busy classroom in 1957-58.

College of Built Environments Archive

“People often don’t consciously understand how much space and the meaning of architecture influences their daily lives. There is a humanistic side to architecture that is largely unknown, ” says David Miller, chair of the UW Department of Architecture. “We seriously consider the complex array of social, ethical and ecological issues in order to enhance the human condition.”

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