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Government Architecture Jobs

Kevin Humphries4We announced the architecture function this year and have been busy ever since with discovery work. (As well as the everyday work in transformation, performance platform, service standard, GOV.UK Verify, GOV.UK, and other digital services across government such as the MoJ of course.)

Who are we? The architecture function leads a cross-government community who are bringing about a sensible and coherent service architecture. With GDS leadership of the function, we ensure co-ordination with the controls and transformation functions, and are accountable to the Technology and Digital Leaders.

What are we doing? We are investigating the user and technology needs across departments and agencies. We're asking what services should there be, and what platforms they should rest on. Together we will build a clear and shared architecture, guidance and a supporting strategy. That way we make sure we are building the right services in the right context.

We need to learn from industry, and from our transformation work so far, to find and share common approaches to common problems. And we need to get the technology community working together towards a single open set of objectives.

The community will be accountable for the whole central government service architecture ‘ecosystem’. However it will start work primarily ‘within’ the services themselves. That way we can ensure we have the right skills in the right places.

Right services in the right context
We have discovered some things we can work on to improve how we deliver services in a joined up way. We have already started work in these areas:

Vision - Jointly define the architecture for departments to determine our main objectives.

Portfolio - Create an integrated view of architecture work across government. Content - Build a content platform and strategy for sharing code and advice, so we can build the service landscape together.

Quality - Improve our practice (especially security) to reassure stakeholders. Continue to ensure service managers and their teams keep their autonomy.

Common approaches to common problems

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