Architecture job market [Canadian Construction]

Architecture job market

The architecture profession has never recovered from the economic crash of 2008.

Despite numerous reports that job prospects are picking up, and the profession might be rebounding, the number seeking design and drafting work is high. For those starting out in the architecture profession the outlook is dismal. A recent report on the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce found the unemployment rate to be 14% for architects. The job outlook is not good, despite numerous blog posts and online articles that suggest strategies for landing that elusive design position.

I will not suggest any strategies or hints for finding employment because they simply will not work. The work is gone, and there are no jobs to be had. Even in the better job markets in the U.S., the architect and aspiring architect remains hungry. Texas grew faster than any other state except for North Dakota, and even down south the jobs are missing.

How do I know this?

I placed a help wanted ad on Craigslist, and watched my inbox fill with impressive resumes. The ad was vague, yet it would have been answered with my resume for sure. The non-existent position required an architecture degree, AutoCAD experience, and one to five years of experience. With ten responses in the first hour, and dozens more over the following days, my eyes opened to the reality of job market. It sucks. I will continue with freelance design for the near future, and not compete with project managers with twenty years of experience.

How can I expect a call back when the next applicant has 20x more projects? Why would someone with such extensive experience apply for a position that only requires five years maximum? Some applicants had twenty years of experience, some ten, others only eight or six. The two residential projects I have to my name pale in comparison.

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